Pink Amethyst Towers



Pink amethyst is a rare treat and so are these incredible towers!

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Pink Amethyst Towers $49.65$68.75
Weight 226g 95mmWeight 227g 119mmWeight 227g 99mmWeight 238g 130mmWeight 246g 105mmWeight 250g 105mmWeight 258g117mmWeight 287g 125mmWeight 302g 165mmWeight 308g 142mmWeight 332g 136mmWeight 356g 131mmWeight 375g 130mm

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These pink amethyst towers are stunning and make the perfect treat for yourself or any gemstone enthusiast.

They are sold by approximate weights and heights. Here is a list of available towers:

  1. Weight: 226g (7.97oz.), Height: 95mm (3.74″)
  2. Weight: 227g (8oz.), Height: 119mm (4.68″)
  3. Weight: 227g (8oz.), Height: 99mm (3.89″)
  4. Weight: 238g (8.39oz.), Height: 130mm (5.11″)
  5. Weight: 246g (8.67oz.), Height: 105mm (4.13″)
  6. Weight: 250g (8.81oz.), Height: 105mm (4.13″)
  7. Weight: 258g (9.1oz.), Height: 117mm (4.6″)
  8. Weight: 261g (9.2oz.), Height: 126mm (4.96″)
  9. Weight: 287g (10.12oz.), Height: 125mm (4.92″)
  10. Weight: 302g (10.65oz.), Height: 165mm (6.49″)
  11. Weight: 308g (10.86oz.), Height: 142mm (5.59″)
  12. Weight: 332g (11.71oz.), Height: 136mm (5.35″)
  13. Weight: 356g (12.55oz.), Height: 131mm (5.15″)
  14. Weight: 375g (13.22oz.), Height: 130mm (5.11″)

Please Note:

  1. Sizes and weights are approximate.
  2. The colors may vary due to monitor differences.

1 review for Pink Amethyst Towers

  1. Customer

    A beautiful pink amethyst tower!

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