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Who We Are!

, About Us
, About Us
From humble beginnings​

Our journey began in 2018

On a day trip through the Colorado Rockies in our Chevy Suburban, we stopped along a creek and looked into the crystal clear water, and after only minutes of looking around, found a small rock with real gold! From that moment forward, we were hooked!

We all have to start somewhere​

Each year, we found a little more

Trips to Silverton, visiting old mines across the southwest, and eventually moving to Arizona, where we have a little piece of gold mining property of our own! 

Not quite miners, yet

This Site is Just the First Step

I am not a professional miner, but I have decades of know-how in websites and internet marketing, and that’s why we begin our journey to working our own gold mine right here!  I will use what I know, along with my team of artists, fellow marketers, support professionals and more to grow this site, and in turn we will start mining our amazing property here in Arizona! 

Future Home of the Cleanest Mine Ever

We Have a Plan

We want to build something unique, a system of solar arrays and hydrogen systems which power our mine, including EV’s,  and EV Mining Machinery. We want to build a completely “Diesel-Free” Mine, and each of your purchases gets us one step closer to that future!  We hope that you will give us a chance to show you we are a company created entirely by real US families with a Dream! 

, About Us
, About Us

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