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We use many vendors from different places around the country and the world. Shipping times may vary. Normally, any US-based shipment takes 5-7 business days including processing and international shipments take 10-14 business days. We hope to reduce this in the future and offer faster and free shipping for all! 

Registering for an account with us is as easy as clicking the “My Account” icon at the top of the website. However, you do not require an account to order with us.

Email us at , hit the Facebook chat button at the bottom right of the website, or reach out on Twitter, Instagram or other services and we will help you resolve any issue you have. If you want to change it on your own, you will need to have purchased with your account or created an account during purchase, but that is easy as well. Visit your account and edit your profile to change your address. Our system will get the message.

In order for us to track your order, sometimes things may get a tad complex since we offer goods from many vendors around the world. However, we assure you we will gladly answer and provide a tracking number at your request. In the future, we will have an automated tracking system.

While the payment services we use (Square, and Paypal) do have that capability, we are not storing your information in our systems whatsoever. We keep only the last 4 in your account as reference, with the card on file with one of those two organizations only.

We currently charge sales tax as required by your state and local authorities.

We may be able to, but at this time we are serving only US  and Canadian customers.

Sometimes, but not always.  Some packages will be broken up according to location of the vendor’s warehouse. We have “rock hounds” in Washington, Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and even Florida that find us fossils, artifacts, gold, gems and more, and so split orders may occur! 

Returns and Exchanges

We will provide you compensation for any broken or damaged item, but you must file a claim (Claim Form Link Here Shortly) with images. For undamaged goods, you must ship them to our location in Arizona. We provide Rewards points for the exact dollar amount of the product once it reaches our facility. Then, you may purchase any item in store with those points. We do not give cash refunds for returns or exchanges.

No problem! If you receive an incorrect item, simply send the item to our location (we will provide the shipping) and we will ship the correct item to you right away! 

No problem! Please fill out this form (Claims Form Link Here Shortly) and one of our people will contact you as soon as possible to make it right.

Company PO Box Address COMING SOON

You can reach us during business hours by email at, by our Facebook chat button below, or by (Filling out this contact form). We will most likely get back to you within minutes Mon.-Fri. 9am to 5pm PST. Weekends and nights may take until the next business day, but often, we will answer anytime!

Yes! As long as your order has not shipped yet, you can cancel or change your order by reaching out to us in any of the ways mentioned in “How do I receive customer support?” right above this question.

If one of our items has an “On Backorder” label, then you are absolutely able to pre-order it! However, if it does not say that, we are not able to sell you one at this time.

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