Solar Temple Garden Fountain


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Adding a Solar Temple Garden Fountain can bring an elegant, peaceful atmosphere to any garden or outdoor area. The Asian-style solar powered garden fountain provides a striking appearance with its beautiful roughened stone look. Powered by the sun, along with the included pump and electrical adapter, it operates without any extra electrical cords or costly energy bills.

This Solar Temple Garden Fountain is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, although if placed in a shady location it would be best to plug it in. Easy to assemble as all necessary pieces are included, its light weight of 16.5 pounds makes this garden fountain easy to move around your garden or patio space as desired. The dimensions of 15.4 x 15.4 x 25 inches make this garden fountain one of the bigger models available on the market today.

The garden fountain is made from polyresin, sand, and stone powder which gives it an authentic look while also providing durability and stability that won’t blow away in windy conditions or crack due to freezing temperatures during winter months. With its UL Recognized certification, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product when purchasing this garden fountain for your home or business property.

The Asian-style Solar Temple Garden Fountain is a great addition to any garden or outdoor space, bringing with it an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Its solar power capabilities allow you to enjoy its beauty without having to worry about extra electrical cords or energy bills. Easy assembly makes this garden fountain an attractive choice for those who want a beautiful garden feature that’s easy to move around their garden as desired.

Create a tranquil atmosphere in your garden space with the Asian-style garden fountain powered by the sun and plugged in if needed for those shady locations. Enjoy peace and serenity in your own peaceful oasis right at home!