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Showing 1–20 of 26 results

Welcome to our Rock Collector and Geology book category! Here you can find gemstone books, geology books, gem identification guides and so much more! Whether you’re a beginner just getting into gem collecting or an experienced miner looking for more information about gemstones, minerals and geology – this is the perfect place for you.

We have all sorts of stone themed books that cover topics such as crystals found in different areas of the world; gems properties and characteristics; gem identification charts; rock collecting basics; professional advice on mineral hunting techniques; gem tumbling & polishing techniques and theories related to geological processes.

Our selection includes a host of bestselling titles from experts in their field written by leading authors who offer comprehensive knowledge on various topics related to rocks & stones. You’ll also find collector’s handbooks with detailed facts about each type of fossilized specimen as well as guidebooks filled with helpful tips on how to buy gems at auctions or online markets.

Whatever your interest may be, we’ve got everything you need here in our Rock Collector & Geology Book Category! So take some time out to browse through our range and get ready to explore the wonders within your own backyard.