VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage: Wrought Iron Flight Cage



The VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage is a spacious and durable wrought iron flight cage designed for various bird species such as parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, and macaws. Its key features include a large size, sturdy construction, and multiple access doors for easy cleaning and feeding. The cage offers ample space for birds to fly and play, promoting their physical and mental well-being. With its high-quality materials and secure design, the VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage ensures the safety and comfort of your feathered friends.

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Introducing the VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage, the ultimate haven for your feathered friends. This meticulously crafted wrought iron flight cage is designed to provide a spacious and secure home for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, and even majestic macaws.

With its generous dimensions of 52″ x 41″ x 29″, this bird cage offers ample room for your beloved birds to spread their wings and fly freely. The sturdy wrought iron construction ensures durability and longevity, providing a safe sanctuary for your avian companions for years to come.

Featuring multiple access doors and feeding cups, this bird cage offers convenience and ease of use for both you and your birds. The large front door allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance, while the smaller side doors enable hassle-free feeding and interaction with your feathered friends.

The VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage is thoughtfully designed with your birds’ well-being in mind. The spacious interior allows for natural movement and exercise, promoting physical health and mental stimulation. The included perches and ladder provide additional opportunities for your birds to explore and play, enhancing their overall happiness and well-being.

Safety is paramount when it comes to our feathered companions, and this bird cage delivers. The sturdy wrought iron bars are expertly spaced to prevent any potential escape or injury, ensuring your birds remain secure at all times. The non-toxic and lead-free coating guarantees a safe environment for your birds, protecting them from harmful substances.

Not only does this bird cage prioritize your birds’ needs, but it also offers convenience for you as a pet owner. The removable bottom tray makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort. The four smooth-rolling casters allow for easy mobility, enabling you to effortlessly relocate the cage whenever needed.

Investing in the VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage means investing in the happiness and well-being of your feathered companions. It offers a spacious and secure home, promoting physical and mental health. The convenience and safety features make it a practical choice for both you and your birds.

So, give your birds the home they deserve and create a haven of joy and freedom with the VEVOR 52″ Large Bird Cage.

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Weight 7.94 lbs
Dimensions 254.0 × 149.86 × 43.18 cm



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