Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set – Premium Granite Rocks for Perfectly Cool Spirits

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Experience Unrivaled Whiskey Enjoyment

Upgrade your whiskey drinking experience with the Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set. This complete and sophisticated set includes everything you need to savor your favorite spirits to the fullest.

  • 6 x Handcrafted Granite Round Whiskey Chilling Stones: Each FDA safe compliant stone measures 1.37″ in diameter and 0.78″ in thickness. These fast-cooling stones perfectly chill your fine spirits without dilution, allowing you to appreciate the full complexity of your drink.
  • 2 x Heavy Brilliant Whiskey Glasses: The Palm Glass Edition glasses in this set hold 9.8oz or 290ml of your favorite whiskey. With their exquisite design and premium construction, they enhance both the visual and tasting experience.
  • 1 x Hardwood Presentation and Storage Tray: This set includes a stylish tray made from high-quality hardwood, providing a beautiful way to showcase and store your whiskey stones and glasses.
  • 1 x Instructions Manual: The included manual offers guidance on how to use and care for your whiskey stones, ensuring they last for countless enjoyable evenings.

Premium Quality and Unique Design

Unlike cheap soap or basalt stones commonly found on the market, our whiskey chilling stones are crafted from top-of-the-line solid granite. Each of the 6 eco-friendly, natural stones boasts a different color and granite style, making every set wonderfully unique.

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The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Make a lasting impression with this exquisite gift set. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or wedding, the Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set is sure to leave a memorable impact. The unmatched quality and sophistication of this set will enhance anyone’s whiskey drinking experience.

Key Features:

  • Fast-cooling non-diluting round solid granite stones
  • Handcrafted FDA safe compliant stones
  • Premium Palm Glass Edition whiskey glasses
  • Stylish hardwood presentation and storage tray
  • Instructions manual for optimal use


  • Preserves the full flavor and complexity of your whiskey
  • Avoids dilution caused by traditional ice cubes
  • Eco-friendly and natural granite stones
  • Stones with unique colors and granite styles
  • Enhances the visual and tasting experience
  • Perfectly sized glasses for whiskey enthusiasts
  • High-quality hardwood tray for an elegant display