Pyrrhotite with Pyrite, Goethite, & Quartz Lot – 19pcs


This 19 piece lot of pyrrhotite with pyrite, goethite, and quartz in simply amazing! With a great price and large lot size, this set of stones is a bargain!

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Pyrrhotite with Pyrite, Goethite, & Quartz Lot - 19pcs $150.00

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Pyrrhotite is often found with pyrite and has the chemical formula Fe1-xS. Goethite is an iron oxide mineral. These gorgeous pieces come from Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. Get these incredible specimens today!

These amazing pieces are perfect for a serious collector or educational settings, including awesome  homeschool parents.

Sizes: Approx. 3-10cm or 1.18-3.93″

Please Note: This product includes the shipping price in the total price. This lot is shipped by USPS from Mexico to the US or Canada Post to Canada with an approximated 2-4 weeks delivery time. Regardless, this lot is a steal!


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