Tumbled Gemstone Chips – 25 Varieties

Sometimes known as gemstone gravel, we offer many varieties in various grain sizes.

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Find your favorite tumbled gemstone chips here! There are so many fun uses. What do you use your gemstone gravel for?

Gemstone Options:

  • Amazon Stone = Amazonite, 7-9mm
  • Amethyst, 7-9mm
  • Aventurine = Green Aventurine**, 7-9mm
  • Blue Agate**, 7-12mm
  • Citrine**, 7-9mm
  • Clear Quartz, 7-9mm
  • Garnet, 5-7mm
  • Gray Agate, 7-12mm
  • Green Agate**, 7-12mm
  • Labradorite, 7-12mm
  • Lazuli = Lapis Lazuli, 7-15mm
  • Lilac Amethyst = Amethyst (Lighter in color), 7-12mm
  • Obsidian = 7-12mm
  • Opal = Opalite**, 7-12mm
  • Red Agate**, 7-12mm
  • Red Jasper, 9-15mm
  • Red Obsidian, 9-15mm
  • Rhodochrosite**, 7-12mm
  • Rose Quartz, 7-9mm
  • Strawberry Crystal = Strawberry Quartz**, 9-15mm
  • Tiger Eye, 9-15mm
  • Turquoises = Dyed Howlite**, 7-12mm
  • Unakite, 7-12mm
  • White Agate, 7-12mm
  • Yellow Agate**, 7-12mm

Lot Sizes:

  • Approx. 50g or 1.76 ounces
  • Approx. 100g or 3.52 ounces

Grain Sizes: (see image below)

  • Approx. 5-7mm or 0.19-0.27″
  • Approx. 7-9mm or 0.27-0.35″
  • Approx. 7-12mm or 0.27-0.47″
  • Approx. 7-15mm or 0.27-0.59″
  • Approx. 9-15mm or 0.35-0.59″

Please Note:

  1. Sizes and weights are approximate.
  2. The colors may vary due to monitor differences.
  3. Please use your own judgment when allowing children to handle.
  4. **Unsure if natural citrine or another treated stone. Opalite is manmade opalescent glass. The agates are dyed. The howlite is dyed blue to look similar to turquoise. The strawberry quartz may be the dyed form instead of the natural form. The rhodochrosite may be dyed or imitation. Aventurines are sometimes dye-enhanced or manmade with quartz and dye. Purchase at your own discretion.

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    As described

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    Beautiful pick thanks I love them

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