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Handrails for Outdoor Steps

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The Handrails for Outdoor Steps are flexible black transitional handrails designed for 2 or 3 steps. Made of picket#2 wrought iron, these handrails can be installed on concrete steps or wooden stairs. Their key features include flexibility, durability, and easy installation, providing safety and support while adding aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. With their versatility to be used on different types of steps and sleek black design that complements various architectural styles, these handrails are a must-have addition to any outdoor setting. Choose the Handrails for Outdoor Steps for a reliable, stylish, and functional solution for your outdoor staircase needs.

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Handrails for Outdoor Steps


Enhance Safety and Style with Handrails for Outdoor Steps

Upgrade the look and safety of your outdoor space with our Handrails for Outdoor Steps. Designed to fit 2 or 3 steps, this black transitional handrail is made from real wrought iron, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether you have concrete steps or wooden stairs, these handrails are flexible and easy to assemble, providing you with an elegant and fashionable solution.

Key Features:

  • Fit 2 to 3 Steps
  • Flexible Height
  • Real Wrought Iron Construction
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Black Transitional Handrail
  • Picket#2 Model


  • Pillar Material: Galvanized Iron Pipe
  • Upper Post Height: 38.2″/97 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Max Height for Steps: 14.6″/37 cm
  • Product Weight: 25.8 lbs/11.7 kg
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Lower Post Height: 38.5″/97.8 cm
  • Distance Between Posts: 28″/71 cm

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

Our Handrails for Outdoor Steps prioritize safety and convenience. With its sturdy wrought iron construction and picket design, these handrails provide stability and support while walking up or down the steps. The black transitional style adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space, making your steps visually appealing while keeping you safe.

Easy Installation

Installing our handrails is a breeze. With the easy assembly process, you can quickly enhance the safety of your outdoor steps without any hassle. The flexible height feature allows you to customize the handrail according to your step height, ensuring a perfect fit.

Versatile Uses

These handrails are not limited to a specific type of steps. Whether you have concrete steps or wooden stairs, our Handrails for Outdoor Steps are versatile and can be easily installed to provide the same level of safety and style.

Choose Safety and Style – Order Your Handrails for Outdoor Steps Today!

Additional information

Weight 6.71 lbs
Dimensions 266.7 × 64.77 × 48.26 cm

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