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Stainless Steel Server Set


This serving set will be a great addition to any kitchen.

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Stainless Steel Server Set


This elegant stainless steel server set is hight quality and includes a pair of spoons. The handles are crafted with black powder coating that makes them extremely durable, while the overall design is sleek and modern to complement any table setting or décor.

The server set measures 10.8 inches in height, 2.3 inches in width, and 0.5 inch in thickness – making it perfect for all types of food presentations like salads, pasta dishes, stews etc. Not only will it make your meals look incredible but you can be sure that they stay warm too! Plus the unique shape allows you to place two sizes together on either side of the plate so everyone around the table gets their own spoon!

Not only does this Stainless Steel Server Set look great; it is also safe for use with food as well due to its high quality materials and construction – giving you peace of mind when serving up delicious meals every time! And if that wasn’t enough; you don’t have to worry about washing these because they are hand wash recommended which makes clean-up super easy!

The designer serving set is a great way to make your meals look special, without having to worry about washing them. Not only do you get high-end quality and style, but they are also easy to maintain as they can be wiped with a dry cloth. Plus, the set is perfect for both casual and formal dining experiences. The sleek black handles also make it an excellent complement to dining armchairs or any other furniture in the room. As well as making a statement on the table, these servers are sure to wow your guests with their modern look and feel.

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